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We aim to equip creators with a wider range of tools to unleash their full potential.

That is why we made the decision to release Ailis’ avatar to the public for free. More information is outlined as to the exact details of what is allowed in the following art license, but our goal is to create as little barrier to entry as possible to give people the ability to create with Ailis. This is why there is no usage fee or financial obligation to own NFTs for the use of these assets. While these assets did require a significant investment and passion from their creators to produce, we firmly believe that releasing these assets is the best step to take to support the wonderful talents of creators. We hope to foster passion and innovation in the long run and place these ideals much higher than that of our own business interests.

Purpose of Art License

We at IZUMO hope that many creators, both individuals and corporations, for-profit and non-profit, will utilize Ailis for their creative activities, and that this will invigorate creator activities.

At the same time, Ailis is not under the CC0 license, and IZUMO holds the copyright to the character. This decision was made to show respect to the original creators behind Ailis and to establish guidelines to protect them.

Therefore, the purpose of this art license is to clarify these points and to provide guidelines for creators to expand their self-expression through Ailis.


  1. Derivative works are welcome.
  2. Ailis’ avatar assets can be used for personal or commercial purposes.
  3. Ailis’ avatar assets cannot be used for hate speech, illegal activities, actions against public order and morality, harassment, slander, or violent expressions, in accordance with the prohibited acts.
  4. Respect the original creators and include proper credit when using Ailis avatar assets.

Based on the above basic principles, the art license for Ailis avatar assets is as follows.

How to Use

Available Materials